Replenish Me - 12.29.17

December 29th, 2017

Darren was diagnosed with post-natal depression shortly after his daughter was born, and he realised he had been dealing with depression and anxiety most of his life. The fight back was intense, but he succeeded.
He teaches media to 16-19 year olds, and has seen mental health issues rise during his career. So he wrote Level Up Your Teens (available on Amazon) as a guide for teenagers to get the most from life, using the skills he developed whilst managing his own mental health. 
Alongside this he owns and runs a Martial Arts Studio, which focuses on life performance, he writes for The Good Men Project and, and is in the process of setting up a consultancy business specialising in social media, personal branding and leadership."

Replenish Me - 12.21.17

December 21st, 2017

Guna Meldere, an artist, graphic and web designer and mother shares her health journey from childhood asthma through today. She shares how she overcome the odds when the doctors told her she would have to live less of a life. Her mother helped her with alternative medicine, herbs and the joys of life!
Guna says, "I learned from Marie Forleo that everything is figure-outable!"
Connect with her everywhere on social media at Guna Meldere.

Replenish Me - 12.14.17

December 14th, 2017

Angela Mondor is the guest this week.
In this heart to heart interview, we talk about her self-care journey. She decided to hire a coach to feel better. Her focus was not on losing weight.
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who ROCK Social Media is a supportive group of people who are looking to have fun while learning to use social media to attract new business and make more money. This group is led by Angela Mondor, owner of
This community is dedicated to people who are ready to have fun while building their businesses... let's find ways to enjoy the entrepreneurial journey together!

Replenish Me - 12.07.17

December 7th, 2017

In this heart to heart interview with Wellness Coach and Eating Psychologist, Sarah Wood, we talk about her journey to becoming a coach and the struggles of her community.
"I'm a mama of 2 wild girls, a certified health coach and teacher, and counsel in the realms of mind, body, nutrition as an eating psychology coach. I love what I do, I play everyday, I dance terribly but do it anyways, and love dark chocolate and trashy TV shows on CW." 
She has the Desire Mastermind and a free Facebook community. She is the founder of