Replenish Me - 01.25.18

January 25th, 2018

I am Dr. Mary Hemphill – an educator, scholar, innovator, & most importantly, a moldmaker! As a young professional woman, educational leader, & PhD graduate, I realized that the world will try its best to fit you into an outdated, irrelevant mold defined by old ideals & ancient expectations. Society is evolving on a daily basis, & that is why the world needs moldmakers on the battlefield who are ready to revolutionize & redefine leadership & education! 
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Replenish Me - 01.18.18

January 18th, 2018

Eleanor Barrager, DCCN, FAAIM, is an internationally renowned nutritionist who has lectured at medical conventions in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and across the U.S. She will talk about how our veins are not “just rubber hoses,” but actually living structures that respond to how we treat them, whether negatively or positively. She will explain how certain foods, lifestyle shifts and certain nutritional supplements can prevent, and even reverse, cardiovascular disease.


With over 35 years of clinical and teaching experience under her belt, Eleanor has worked as a research dietitian and medical scientist at Melbourne University in Australia, a dietitian in private practice specializing in treating chronically unwell patients, a college lecturer in biological sciences, and a research clinician at HealthComm International, Inc. Eleanor has also had a successful career as a sports nutrition consultant to Olympic athletes and has contributed to and published various articles in the lay press, several original research papers in peer-reviewed medical journals, and the children's book Fun with Food.


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Replenish Me - 01.11.18

January 11th, 2018

Charmaine Johnson-Fuller is the Founder of The Charmed Life with Charmaine. This is a system she created specifically for mom entrepreneurs to harmonize life while building a business.
Our real talk includes visits from my three year old and her older special needs son. We get to the issues of the "unsupportive spouse", overwhelm, stress and overwhelm in marriage. How to manage and achieve daily goals, daily self-care and so much more. 
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Replenish Me - 01.04.18

January 4th, 2018

Shari Khan, for more than 25 years, has worked with hundreds of people to support them in developing the right skills and behaviours to succeed at work.
Although her educational background is in Chemistry, she says, it is what” got me interested in relationships and reactions.”
Put two different substances together and watch them change colour, fizz, or even let off a puff of smoke. It’s the same thing with people. The transformations and amazing reactions we get when people come together in a training or coaching context are no less extraordinary.
The most important lesson from chemistry is: you can effect positive change in people by changing their environment. Organizations that set the stage for transformation are more likely to get what they want from their people. You’ll set off a chain reaction of growth and development for the entire organization.
In our heart to heart, she shares her story, struggles and delightful worldview. 
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