Replenish Me - 06.28.18

June 28th, 2018

You may wonder How is Playing in Abundance Self-Nurturing? We will discuss abundance, what that means, your money archetypes and how to live in abundance through marrying your inner and outer worlds.


Rebecca Brown is a Certified Professional Coach (CTACC), Money Coach (CMC)® and Laughter Yoga Teacher based in Reno, NV serving clients globally. She is on a mission to help professionals and entrepreneurs redefine abundance by bridging the worlds of play, purpose, and prosperity.


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Replenish Me - 06.21.18

June 20th, 2018

Anitra and I have an insightful heart to heart about being THE advocate for your child and their vision. Intertwined in our conversation are seamless ways to maintain peace and harmony in your home and of course how to self-nurture.


We are the first self-talk recordings for our children also so take notes on how to choose your words wisely.


Listen to the end to find out about her upcoming events and programs.


Anitra Durand Allen is the creator and Chief Mom at The Mom On the Move, a parenting blog that supports moms raising children who are high achieving athletes, artist, and scholars. As a former gifted child, now raising gifted children she understands the challenges and struggles that come with giftedness - for the children and their parents. As a certified family coach, she helps moms create a system for communication, scheduling, and budgeting to support the big dreams their children hold.


In 2014 she left a six-figure salary job as a corporate project manager to our her skills and talents into building success within her own family. Using the same project management and communication strategies that made her successful at work, she created systems to help moms be successful at home.