Replenish Me - 06.29.17

June 29th, 2017

 Cordelia Gaffar is an author, speaker and founder of Workout Around My Day and the Stress Less Mom(TM). She created this three step process over the past fifteen years to help her raise her six children. With this program moms can thrive and prioritize themselves by nourishing with wholesome food, energizing with movement and encouraging themselves with sweet talk. Her mission is to prevent moms from neglecting themselves to the point of adrenal issues, thyroid issues, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. These all result from lasting stress, being overweight and not exercising. She started live streaming in 2016 to spread her message globally. “I feel that moms are the pillars of society and that is why I want them to create a total system of self-nurturing”.She works individually with women or in workshops, offers online courses and supports them in her Facebook groups. Radio show focus is to give women strategies to give women, especially moms, strategies to make every moment, movement and food choice count. I will have guest who are either wellness professionals or clients.​



Lisa Swanson, founder of Body and Soul Coaching. At age 56 Lisa Swanson is living proof that the body you’ve always wanted can be a reality at any age. She is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist; an AASDN Nutrition Specialist; TRX-certified and a vegan. Through her over 30 years of experience, Lisa has developed a unique approach to training that allows her to challenge her clients at multiple levels of fitness and adapt any program to meet their specific needs. She believes in a lifestyle approach to fitness and wants her clients to have fun, gain confidence, and feel comfortable in their bodies We spoke about fitness and nutrition for women over fifty   How and where to get started without injury when you have spent a lifetime not paying attention to your fitness.  All is not lost, this is a new opportunity to replenish with a new outlook on fitness. Her website is 


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