Replenish Me - 08.24.17

August 24th, 2017

Tai Hanson is the Founder of The Homey Hippies, a lifestyle brand for the modern urban hippie. Our focus is on creating naturally dope home goods that are good for you, the planet, and the homies. The husband and wife duo behind the brand are setting out to bring green and eco-friendly lifestyle products to a segment of the population that is overlooked when it comes to health, wellness, and natural lifestyle products being marketed to us. We want our customers to be mindful of the products they use everyday and how they affect their health and well-being. We're spreading the message that leading an environmentally conscious life is for EVERYone (not just the folks living in the suburbs) and it doesn't have to cramp our style. Our signature products are just as much about dope design as they are natural, wholesome and non-toxic ingredients. Our first signature product, hand-poured locally-sourced beeswax candles are in stock in our store now.

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Cordelia Gaffar

Founder of Workout Around My Day
The Stress Less Mom TM
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Replenish Me - 08.17.17

August 17th, 2017

Kath is the founder of As a mom and ex-corporate CEO, after realizing her successful career in corporate wasn't exactly making her happy, she went on a search for more - and found her soul. She's now passionate about showing other women how to reconnect to their inner power and soul because, as she says, "that is the place all else blooms from". A beautiful life, with deep connections and a sense of meaning. Magical moments, and a sense of total alignment with your highest potential and purpose. And: a truly rich life experience.




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Cordelia Gaffar

Founder of Workout Around My Day
The Stress Less Mom TM
Order your book today!
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Replenish Me - 08.10.17

August 11th, 2017

Today we have Ann Murphy, a Mom and Certified Holistic Health Coach/ Wellness Educator who knows what it is like to live with chronic health issues. After doctors couldn’t help her, she started on a journey of self-education and experimentation.


She attend The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, studying the psychology of eating and the effects of environmental toxins and decided to start helping others.


Her mantra “Start where you are and work with what you have”. She is the co founder of the Vegan Festival in Phoenixville, PA. The second annual one will be September 30.


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Replenish Me - 08.03.17

August 3rd, 2017


”Be willing to be a good steward of your own mental and emotional health. Don’t take your ego with you to get care. Be open and receptive the support that is given”

Having space in your home for the mom cave

Have a lifeline. A person that you can or who will check on you regularly. Give -give

Balance is BS, it is relative. Constantly in flux and have to go with the flow. Can’t be broken if you are flexible.


"Own your own stuff! Take responsibility for your own stuff!"

Ashley Adams is the Leader and Founder of YMRstudios, Tampa Bay’s virtual yoga studio that is designed specifically for the mompreneurs. All classes are taught online so you do have to find someone to watch the this so you can get a moment to relax. So you have the energy to kick butt your business and be Wonder Women for your family.


Replenish Me - 07.27.17

July 27th, 2017


Confidence Coach | Wellness Expert | Conference Speaker

Tina Moore Brown, also referred to as Your Confidence Coach, is known for her ability to motivate, inspire and encourage women to truly shine.

Tina is the founder and owner of Dance N2 Shape, a dance-based fitness company that changes the way women view exercise. Through Confidence is Key Coaching she empowers women to unleash their potential, discover their purpose and walk in power they never thought they had.

Tina is also the author of Unleash and Soar: Start Today Living Boldly and Beyond Limits, From Dream to Destiny: Unlocking the Winner, Champion and Finisher Within and soon to be released You Were Made to Shine.

Tina, a motivator by passion holds workshops, conferences and live events all focused on making sure women know they have the power

to change their lives.

Out of all of her accomplishments, Tina is most proud of being the loving wife of David and mother of the two most awesome kids she's ever met, Zamar and Gracen.


Replenish Me - 07.20.17

July 20th, 2017

Madeleine Davis is a wife, mother and the creator of the Parenting System.  A successful entrepreneur with decades of experience, she found the transition to mompreneur very challenging and used her entrepreneurial CEO skills to create a system for herself that would allow her to look, act and feel, like a "together mom".  The change was fast and as other moms began to take notice and ask her to teach them what she was doing, The Stress Free Family was born.  Now, Madeleine's system, The Stress Free Family helps moms create functional, stress free homes so they can stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, enjoy parenting and redirect their focus and attention on other things, like wellness, nutrition, creating or growing their business, making space for a relationship , pursuing a passion - Madeleine believes almost anything is possible with a Stress-Free Family.


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Replenish Me - 07.13.17

July 13th, 2017

Misty Shaheen is a health and lifestyle strategist, helping women regain their confidence, through lifestyle changes.
She is the creator of the Simplified Slim Down and is passionate about helping women develop healthy habits that fit into their current lifestyle. She combines her passions and expertise of healthy living and fashion merchandising, to help women lose weight and rebuilding their closet, so they can step out in style.

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Replenish Me - 07.06.17

July 7th, 2017

Guest:  Michala Leyland

 After two career burnouts, she decided to turn it all around and sod the shoulds. She says: Coaching saved my life from a negative and unproductive spiral. Through coaching, I realised I'd been focusing so much on what I thought I 'should' do that I had no idea what I could do to enjoy my life and enjoy me. I still face the pressure of those 'shoulds' and the fact that I can't please everyone all the time. Because, guess what, I am human!! Just like you I have my saboteurs, but now I know when they are trying to limit me. The strategies and tools coaching give, enable me to feel more proactive and less reactive.



Replenish Me - 06.29.17

June 29th, 2017

 Cordelia Gaffar is an author, speaker and founder of Workout Around My Day and the Stress Less Mom(TM). She created this three step process over the past fifteen years to help her raise her six children. With this program moms can thrive and prioritize themselves by nourishing with wholesome food, energizing with movement and encouraging themselves with sweet talk. Her mission is to prevent moms from neglecting themselves to the point of adrenal issues, thyroid issues, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. These all result from lasting stress, being overweight and not exercising. She started live streaming in 2016 to spread her message globally. “I feel that moms are the pillars of society and that is why I want them to create a total system of self-nurturing”.She works individually with women or in workshops, offers online courses and supports them in her Facebook groups. Radio show focus is to give women strategies to give women, especially moms, strategies to make every moment, movement and food choice count. I will have guest who are either wellness professionals or clients.​



Lisa Swanson, founder of Body and Soul Coaching. At age 56 Lisa Swanson is living proof that the body you’ve always wanted can be a reality at any age. She is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist; an AASDN Nutrition Specialist; TRX-certified and a vegan. Through her over 30 years of experience, Lisa has developed a unique approach to training that allows her to challenge her clients at multiple levels of fitness and adapt any program to meet their specific needs. She believes in a lifestyle approach to fitness and wants her clients to have fun, gain confidence, and feel comfortable in their bodies We spoke about fitness and nutrition for women over fifty   How and where to get started without injury when you have spent a lifetime not paying attention to your fitness.  All is not lost, this is a new opportunity to replenish with a new outlook on fitness. Her website is 



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